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10 Reasons Why Top 10 Lists are Popular


We love top 10 lists. Here are 10 reasons why.

1. They are useful.

They usually list the best aspects from a specific field or topic.

2. They are easy to read.

With more information made available to consume every day comes the need to see it in organised lists.

3. They are interesting or funny.

Since everyone can make one, they tend to be really unique and innovative.

4. They are not time consuming.

People generally love small bursts of information instead of large and time consuming articles.

5. They are a great guide.

Since they can act as a kind of review, one can make more informed decisions.

6. They’re easy to find.

Large numbers of top 10 lists already exist. There are so many new ones waiting to be created.

7. They are educational.

Lists provide a great way to learn about something new.

8. They incorporate and reinforce the use of the number ten.

Ten is cool – It is the number of spacetime dimensions in some superstring theories; there are 10 commandments in the Bible; money usually comes in denominations of 10 (ex. R10 note).

9. They are open to criticism.

Most top 10 lists are open to criticism and inspires competitive behavior.

10. They inspire debates.

Taking into account numbers 1 – 9, top 10 lists provide lots to talk about.

  1. Top 10 Books for the New Reader of Stephen King Novels
  2. Top 10 Grown Up Fairy Tales For New (and Old) Readers
  3. Top 10 Movies for the New Existentialist
  4. Top 10 Books for the New South African
  5. Top 10 Books for New Gardeners
  6. Top 10 Sci-Fi Movies for the New Technophile
  7. Top 10 Books for New Wiccans
  8. The Top 10 PS3 Games for New Gamers: Collections Edition
  9. Top 10 Classic Comedy Films to Add to Your Collection
  10. Top 10 Pop Albums to listen to in 2012

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