Competition: Win a set of Rory’s Story Cubes!

Awarded the Dr. Toy‘s ’10 Best Games’ award, the original Rory’s Story Cubes® game contains nine 19mm cubes with iconic images to spark the imagination.
The visual and kinaesthetic nature of Rory’s Story Cubes®, along with the simplicity of design and gameplay make it accessible to engage with for all ages and abilities.

These amazing blocks are now available from Exclusive Books at only R100 a set! Get them while stocks last!

How it works…
Rory’s Story Cubes are a remarkably simple and effective means for inspiring creative thinking and problem solving in all of us. Simply toss all the dice, examine each of the nine face-up images and let them guide your imagination through a story that begins with “Once upon a time…”.

The nine dice, each with an image on six sides, hold a total of 54 images. This means that with every roll, there are over 10 million combinations for you to use as the inspiration for your story. The uses for Rory’s Story Cubes are boundless. Whether it’s in a classroom or business, the process of creating and telling your own story can provide untold understanding of our language, of the world we live in and of ourselves.

The secret is not to think too deeply. Simply ‘gulp’ in the images and start talking. The story will reveal itself through the cubes and in so doing, will unleash creativity, freedom of expression and frequently, an insight to how to solve a seemingly intractable personal or business problem.

The quality cubes are moulded for durability and feel really good to hold. The take-anywhere box (60mmx60mmx25mm) is durable and popular with teachers and other professionals as a portable tool.


Win! We have seven sets of Rory’s Story Cubes to give away! To win, all you have to do is answer the simple question below:

How many cubes are there in a Rory’s Story set? 

The competition closes on Monday 6th of August. Terms and conditions apply.

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109 Responses to “Competition: Win a set of Rory’s Story Cubes!”

  1. Cindy Clarke says:

    9 Cubes

  2. Shireen says:

    There are 9 cubes

  3. Marco Charles says:

    9 cubes

  4. Jannie Smith says:


  5. Nicolene says:

    Answer : 9 Blocks

  6. rehana seedat says:

    Nine. My email

  7. Amanda de Wet says:


  8. Luciano Dos Santos says:


  9. Aneesa Vawda says:

    There are 9 cubes in a Rory Story Set.

  10. Victoria Pollet says:

    nine cubes :)

  11. rehana seedat says:

    Nine. My

  12. Maggie Marx says:

    Nine 19mm cubes with iconic images to spark the imagination!!! Pllleaaaasseee can I win?!

  13. lauren du plessis says:


  14. Munyaradzi says:

    nine 19mm cubes

  15. sarah van der bank says:

    There are nine cubes.

  16. Cindy Roets says:

    There are 9 Cubes

  17. Christelle says:


  18. Stefan says:

    There are 9 cubes that I would have bought at Exclusive Books had I not been waylaid my a murderous salmon. He wanted all my bacon, for what nefarious purposes I can only dream of. Like the unlimited dreams that these wonderful cubes would give me. If the salmon hadn’t stolen my imagination. He now sits with it, high atop a mountain, singing mournful songs of loss and despair, for my imagination is not a nice place to be. It is populated by murderous salmon-men.

  19. Sara Essop says:


  20. Rochall Daniels says:

    9 Cubes

  21. alexis ziman says:


  22. reshika singh says:

    9 cubes

  23. Jane Hindley says:

    9 cubes

  24. Liesl says:

    There are 9 cubes.

  25. Nicola Meyer says:


  26. natisha govender says:


  27. Lauren Kruger says:

    Nine 19mm cubes

  28. Bea Venter says:

    9 cubes!

  29. Mujeeb Lambarey says:

    9 cubes

  30. Coralie Chapman says:


  31. Christine Phillips says:

    nine x 19mm cubes

  32. inesa van rooyen says:

    9 cubes

  33. Cirsten van den Heuvel says:


  34. Salochana Naidoo says:

    There are 9 cubes :)

  35. Lythann Emslie says:

    9 cubes

  36. Anene Visser says:

    Nine :)

  37. Basheera says:

    9 cubes

  38. Alicia Nell says:

    9 cubes

  39. Amanda Maswanagnye says:

    9 cubes

  40. Yvonne Stanley says:

    9 cubes

  41. Caydon Jett says:

    There are nine cubes in Rory’s Story set.

  42. Maryanne Young says:

    9 cubes

  43. Agnes says:

    Nine cubes

  44. Cristina Catalano says:


  45. Wouter says:

    9 cubes

  46. Arifa says:

    9, nine, IX, nueve, nege, thisa,kyu

  47. Renee Venter says:

    9 cubes!

  48. Nastassja says:

    There are 9 cubes in a Rory Story set.

  49. Sarah Bold says:


  50. Gabriella Pinto says:

    9 Cubes

  51. Loreen McDonald says:


  52. Sergio says:

    9 cubes :)

  53. verushka ramasami says:


  54. Leanne Taylor says:

    9 cubes

  55. Taflyn McGillis says:

    9 cubes

  56. Conrad Stoltz says:


  57. Chantal Morton says:


  58. Rosal Govender says:


  59. Taryn Gowdy says:


  60. Shabnam says:

    9 NINE nine

  61. Margaret says:

    9 cubes

  62. Gregory Young says:

    There are nine cubes.

  63. Farzannah Saib says:


  64. Denise Riddle says:

    nine (9)

  65. Clara Stassen says:

    There are nine cubes!

  66. Lynda says:

    9 cubes !!

  67. Raeesa Kikia says:

    9 Cubes

  68. Maryann says:


  69. Razina says:


  70. Tharishia Naidoo says:


  71. Roanne Naidoo says:

    There are 9 cubes :)

  72. Tammy Perry says:

    There are 9 cubes in a Rory’s Story set!!

  73. Svetlana says:

    Nine cubes :-)

  74. Sharmeela says:

    Nine Cubes

  75. Ruan Venter says:

    9 of course!

  76. Tennille says:

    9 cubes

  77. Nicolette Rogers says:


  78. Insaaf Dawood says:

    9 Cubes in a set

  79. Yogana Reddy says:

    There are 9 cubes

  80. Elle says:

    9 cubes

  81. Voirrey Esbend says:

    nine cubes

  82. Retha Terblanche says:

    9 cubes

  83. Taryn Peters says:

    NINE :)

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