Competition: Win with Exclusive Books and National Board Games Day. 9 Hampers Each Worth Over R1000 Up for Grabs


Exclusive Books is giving away 10 prizes including 9 Board Game Hampers each worth over R1000 for National Board Game Day.

To stand a chance to win, enter the competition online by answering the following question in the thread below:

Q. What is your favourite board game?

Competition closes 10am 20th of June

Settlers of Catan is now available at selected Exclusive Books stores nationwide.

Due to the random layout of the board, this game will be different virtually every time you play. Embark on a quest to settle on the isle of Catan! Guide your settlers to victory by clever trading and cunning development. Use resource combinations of grain, wool, ore, brick and lumber to buy development cards and build roads, settlements and cities. Acquire resources through trade or lucky dice, but BEWARE! Someone may cut off your road or buy a monopoly card, and you never know when the robber might steal away your precious gains!

Expand your Settlers Games to include more players and more scenarios. More Tiles, more resource cards, more development cards, and components (settlements, villages, roads), for two additional players.

This is an expansion of the base Settlers of Catan board game. Expand your Settlers of Catan game in new directions, add Islands, Pirates, Gold, Ships, Islands and Trade.

Explore and colonize the newly populated Archipelago of Catan. Building settlements, roads, and villages by trading commodities from the land and islands around you. Trade sheep and wood for a ship, bricks and wood for a road, build new settlements and improve settlements into cities.

Click here to view a full list of board games available at


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304 Responses to “Competition: Win with Exclusive Books and National Board Games Day. 9 Hampers Each Worth Over R1000 Up for Grabs”

  1. GarethC says:

    Carcassonne is definitely one of my favourites. Quick to learn, quick to play and you’re never quite sure who’s going to win till the final count.

  2. Lauren Kruger says:

    Careers is one of my favourite board games, but I was always the only one who wanted to play it. :)

  3. Johann Pollard says:


  4. Ayla says:


  5. Greg says:


  6. Nicola Meyer says:


  7. firoze says:

    Scrabble by far the most engaging and fun game you can have with words

  8. Abigail says:


  9. Meagen Critchlow says:

    Pictionary is definitely my favourite! Always awesome seeing the things people attempt drawing!

  10. Erina says:

    Settlers of Catan, I love playing this :)

  11. Ronel says:

    Cluedo, scrabble and who could forget snakes and ladders. That is a classic ‘family’ board game!

  12. Thandi says:


  13. Thandi says:

    30 Seconds!! :)

  14. Janine says:

    Without a doubt, Scrabble

  15. Maxine Carli says:

    Scrabble has always been my favourite, even as a child, great Scrabble playing family we were.

  16. liesl pretorius says:


  17. Naledi says:


  18. T.Nagdee says:

    30 seconds is definately a family favourite!!!

  19. Janine says:

    Without a doubt, Scrabble would be my fave game

  20. Charl Barkhuizen says:

    Cluedo. Awesome board game and there are some people who are ridiculously good at it.

  21. Calleen says:


  22. Richard says:

    Mansions of Madness

  23. Mike says:

    Trivial Pursuit

  24. Michele says:

    Lately SmartArse but I also love 30 Seconds!

  25. Carike says:


  26. Lezelle Venter says:


  27. natisha govender says:


  28. Jacinta says:


  29. Scott Tiedt says:

    Trivial Pursuit. Love general knowlege games

  30. Jackie Fisher says:


  31. Kate says:


  32. Momo says:

    Definitely monopoly, especially as you can play it in so many different versions ;)

  33. Brett says:

    30 Seconds!

  34. saskia says:


  35. AJ Nel says:

    Difficult to say. If we’re group of friends then 30 seconds is the best. But if its me and the girlfriend relaxing in front of the fireplace then I would say Scrabble or WordUp. Lastly if its me and the toddlers its anything from a unique version of Monopoly to Ludo.

  36. Mabel says:

    30 Seconds

  37. Andrea says:

    30 Seconds!

  38. verushka ramasami says:


  39. Henk Pepler says:

    Oh definitely 30 seconds – game for the whole family (think December holidays camping or at the beach); or a great drinking game with friends; or we sometimes just use the cards to test our general knowledge without even playing the game…

  40. liezel says:


  41. Bronwyn says:

    Scrabble. Absolutely love it. Am a word freak and I guess it’s a game you can enjoy with both family and friends. It also stimulates the brain and get’s you thinking.

  42. Kunal Vadgama says:

    Game of Life

  43. Roxy says:

    Cranium – crazy fun, no matter the age of the players!

  44. Ansuyah says:


  45. Leandra says:

    Oooh! That’s a tricky one! My favourites are tied between Monopoly, 30 Seconds and Rummikub. So many awesome options, so little time!

  46. Sanvir says:

    Game of Thrones!

    Risk 2210 a close second…

  47. Iman says:

    30 Seconds for sure!

  48. Rochelle says:

    My favourite board game is 30 Seconds, and then at a close second Cluedo! You laugh so much while playing these games!

  49. Dinisha says:

    Settlers of Catan!

  50. Sze Ki says:

    30 seconds, but I managed to combine two loves of mine – 30 seconds & Cluedo – to make a game where a group of medical students tried to solve a real psychiatric patient case. Making learning fun!

  51. Nokuthula Ndlovu says:

    Growing up, we played Monopoly a lot BUT I loooove Scrabble more :)

  52. Cindy Roets says:

    Scrabble :)

  53. Jan-Hendrik says:

    I like the good ol’ Monopoly!

  54. Ian Basson says:


  55. Arthur Rushmer says:

    Risk is probably my favourite, but Cluedo is also high on the list and I used to love the Clive Rice Cricket game as a kid too!

  56. Werner says:

    Hands down 30 Seconds! Always caused a lot of laughs playing this at a party. :D

  57. Nicole weier says:


  58. Settlers of Catan – but I need my own set as I can’t wait for someone else to always invite me to play… ;) Pick me please I adore board games and would love to arrange a games evening for my friends this Winter!

  59. Sihle says:

    Scrabble – brings back awesome memories…

  60. siyabonga says:

    30 Seconds!!!

  61. Dinisha says:

    Settlers of Catan! Play it on my tablet and with friends. :)

  62. nicky rose-innes says:

    Rumicub and cranium :-)

  63. Fran says:

    Chinese Checkers :)

  64. Mini Bhikha says:

    30 seconds – this is a mind blowing game for the whole family!

  65. Anthea Brinkman says:

    30 seconds :)

  66. Karl Hansen says:

    30 seconds

  67. Beulah says:

    30 Seconds

  68. bulelwa says:

    scrabble is my favourite

  69. Gareth says:

    30 Seconds

  70. Renee Venter says:


  71. Anco says:

    Puerto Rico is a seriously fun game, but Ticket to Ride and Scotland Yard rank pretty high as well

  72. Laura Russell says:


  73. Anja says:


  74. Hugo Botha says:


  75. Stacey Vee says:

    Why has no one said Cluedo? We had a blast dressing up as the characters one night and solving the mystery game – I was Mrs White, the mansion’s maid. We played the theme song to ‘Murder She Wrote on repeat in the background.

  76. Arusha says:

    30’s amazing how the human mind works and assimilates information!

  77. Annalize MacDonald says:

    I can’t choose one :( But if I absolutely have to it would be 30 Seconds! Scrabble and Monopoly tie in second place :)

  78. Amy Saville says:

    Ooh… Tough one… But I’d have to go with Monopoly :D First board game I ever learned to love :)

  79. Gerhard Swart says:

    30 Seconds for sure!

  80. kyle keating says:

    Monopoly is still the best

  81. kyle keating says:

    Monopoly is still the best gives you days of fun

  82. Yageshrin Govender says:

    Risk 2210 AD

  83. Adele says:

    Absolutely love board games, fun way to involve everyone in the family, favourite is 30 seconds, as you have loads of laughs!

  84. Bongiwe says:

    Cluedo! Endless hours of fun

  85. Brenda Jordaan says:

    Trivial Pursuit

  86. Milesh Bhana says:

    Settlers of Catan.

  87. Kath says:

    30 seconds! Always good fun :)

  88. Raquel says:


  89. glen collingwood says:


  90. glen collingwood says:

    Oops!!!!!! Scrabble

  91. Anjana Bhana says:

    Pictionary – The games has some awesome memories for me!

  92. Deshanta says:

    I absolutely love playing 30 Seconds, Monopoly, Scrabble and Uno. I’d love to get my hands on the Monopoly Internet Edition just for the hell of it.

  93. kornfewshin says:


  94. lammas says:


  95. karien says:


  96. Sian says:

    Scrabble I love Scrabble

  97. Cherezaan Ryklief says:

    30 seconds and trivial pursuit! Best games EVER

  98. Rushdien says:

    Cluedo and Monopoly

  99. Sara Khan says:

    Scrabble and Monopoly!

  100. Sara Khan says:

    Scrabble and Monopoly – for the wordsmith and businesswoman in me, respectively!

  101. Tsholofelo Jele says:

    30 Seconds

  102. Svetlana says:

    Risk. Hands down. Then 30 seconds

  103. Xoliswa says:

    Game of Thrones

  104. Francois Grobler says:


  105. Annette says:

    30 seconds!!!!

  106. Scrabble is my favourite!
    Also 30 Seconds.

  107. SUMAYA says:

    I ove 30 seconds

  108. Richenda says:


  109. edwill says:

    Monopoly is the best!

  110. nawaal salie says:

    30 seconds is my favourite :)

  111. Denise Helen Gordon says:

    30 seconds

  112. Denise Helen Gordon says:


  113. Bashy says:

    PICTIONARY with extended rules (fah sure!!!)

  114. Alan Smith says:

    I would have to say shadows over camelot… have had the most fun with my group of friends and the wild accusations, this game is great!!!

  115. Niel says:

    Arkham Horror!

  116. Ettienne says:

    Descent: Journeys in the Dark

  117. Richard says:

    Scrabble FTW!!

  118. Andre says:

    Taboo! Similar to Pictionary but better!

  119. Albi says:

    I loved Cluedo as a child. 30 Seconds is a big party hit.

  120. ahmed says:


  121. Gabi says:

    Monopoly and Rummikub are my childhood favourites. Love them!

  122. Jacques says:

    Monopoly. My grandfather used to play with us and him being in real estate always made us feel like we were on the back foot. Great Times!

  123. Gary says:

    Trivial Pursuit

  124. Patricia Pieterse says:

    It’ll have to be Scrabble.

    When my husband and I visited my mom in the chilly Easter Cape, the three of us sat by the fire drinking tea and playing Scrabble every day.

  125. Samantha says:

    30 seconds obviously, aswell as rummikub and cluedo

  126. Raymond B says:

    Monopoly – it’s the original game everyone knows, I am by the way world champion I am sure.

  127. Lezanne Brink says:

    Settlers of Catan!!! We love that game!!

  128. Anna says:

    Trivial Pursuit

  129. Vikash says:


  130. imraan ahmed says:

    Pictionary is my favourite board game :)

  131. charlene says:

    Uno Rummy!!!
    But I really believe if I ever played it Game of Thrones board game would be my favourite.

  132. Natasha Viljoen says:

    Can’t choose between Trivial Pursuit, Rummikub & 30 Seconds…. I also enjoy scrabble, but it’s hard finding people to play these days

  133. Ray says:


  134. Wikus Radyn says:

    Thunderstone – versatile and using randomizers to choose heroes, monsters and village items means that no two games will play quite the same :)

  135. Sunaina Orrie Sheikh says:

    Oh wow would love to win this. Perfect for winter and keeping the kiddies occupied indoors and spending quality time. Scrabble and Cluedo are my all times favourites,

  136. Gabriella Tobias says:

    My absolute favourite is Monopoly. It brings back such childhood memories of my entire family sitting around the table and having a laugh.

  137. Selina Hughes says:

    Scrabble. Played and loved it for many years.

  138. Darryl Boy says:

    Risk. (I had some awesome holidays with friends playing Risk and watching a Knights Tale over and over again) (RIP Heath Ledger :-( )

    Followed closely by Catan altho I’ve only ever played it on my iphone.

    And then Scrabble! :-)

    and then 30 seconds.

  139. Matthew says:


  140. annatjie says:

    30 seconds

  141. Merrilynn says:

    Trivial Pursuit (especially the Lord of the Rings edition) Cluedo, 30Seconds, Ludo (with my kids )

  142. Annamarie du Preez says:

    Old Afrikaans favourite – Boereplaas. Else 30 Seconds and Balderdash.

  143. botsheloi says:

    Scrabble and monopoly

  144. Lythann Emslie says:

    Rummikub. The scary thing is that our kids beat us! Great family game.

  145. sylvia says:

    30 Seconds

  146. Sethunya says:

    30 Seconds

  147. Martha Brink says:


  148. Reg says:

    Carcassone, Agricola, and Settlers of Catan :) :) :) :) :O

  149. Marika Bella says:

    Balderdash! Its a great exercise in creativity …

  150. Danielle says:

    Definitely Settlers of Catan, we play every week.

  151. samantha says:

    Cranium is amazing because it combines 4 games into one!

  152. Anya says:

    There’s a totally silly game called Munchkin that I absolutely adore, but no one knows it here so I never get to play. I also love 30 Seconds, but I’ll admit I get a liiiiittle over-competitive sometimes;-) The best game ever is Jeffrey Archer though, which is something my friend invented that combines 30 Seconds, Taboo, and Pictionary into one game!

  153. Tarryn Scales says:

    Risk has to be my favourite! We always take it on holiday with us because it’s a really good game to play with the family. My dad is an ex SAS and Selous Scouts man so it’s the one game he really gets into and it’s awesome to play with him. It’s challenging and different every time. Plus, you know, who doesn’t want to take over the world ;)

  154. Gregory Young says:

    My favourite is a very old board game called Poleconomy which I don’t think most people would have heard of. My second favourite would be 30 seconds.

  155. Alda Heunis says:


  156. Nontando Nojoko says:


  157. Johann Smith says:


  158. Lythann Emslie says:

    Rummikub. But the scary thing is that the kids beat us. Great family game

  159. Richard says:

    Settlers of Catan: Cities and Knights

  160. Gregor George says:

    Settlers! I’ve only started playing it recently but it wins hands down, fantastic entertainment with real strategy. Looking forwards to playing the expansions/extensions of Settlers. Would love to try Game of Thrones too!

  161. Ayesha says:

    30 seconds!

  162. Ronia Behanan says:

    30 Seconds at a party, Settlers when there’re four of us!

  163. wesley says:

    It has to be the old classic Monopoly. My family still plays after all these years.

  164. Yusuf says:

    Balderdash without a doubt :)
    It brings the family together and we stay up until the wee hours of the morning playing this game>

    Also great to build your vocabulary and see what others come up with to define a particular word

  165. Suritha Aucamp says:

    30 seconds and Game of Thrones!!!!

  166. annemarie says:

    30 seconds

  167. Richardatuct says:

    The game of Thrones board game is amazing!

  168. Palesa says:

    I luuuuuurve me some Scrabble!

  169. Anandi says:

    Cluedo, because it’s the one game where no-one can ever beat me, no matter how hard they try! :)

  170. Brandon says:

    Any board game is my favourite but if I have to choose one it would be “Cluedo”

  171. Johann says:

    Risk: Star Wars, The Clone Wars Edition. It brings the best of both worlds together.

  172. Rosella Gokhul says:

    30 seconds

  173. Laurelle Jarvis says:

    I don’t have one favourite, I have a few: monopoly, scrabble, Stampede and Chinese checkers. I really enjoy watching 30 seconds being played.

  174. Ashishta Gokhul says:


  175. Debbie says:

    Settlers of Catan and Powergrid!

  176. Laurelle Jarvis says:

    monopoly, scrabble, Stampede, Chinese Checkers, 30 seconds

  177. Charleen says:

    30 seconds and monopoly

  178. Chicara says:

    Cluedo! It was Miss Scarlet in the Billiard Room room with the Lead Pipe. :)

  179. Bella Visser says:

    Wow, do I really have to choose one??? I guess it very much depends on the day and my mood at that time because it varies….. when I was younger I would do anything to rope family and friends in to play Monopoly with me all day and night and then I’ve gone through a Risk phase also where I was totally addicted, but I guess my go-to feel-good all time favourite would be 30 Seconds, it always has me in stitches and is the best thing to get a party going!! I was fortunate to be brought up playing board games from a young age and when I have kids I will make sure they are too!!

  180. Smallworld, Isla Dorada & Fortune and Glory are my favourites at the moment.

  181. Tamara Jeunette says:

    Settlers of Catan with expansions!
    Arkham Horror is epic!

  182. Jackie Gildenhuys says:


  183. Henry says:

    Starfarers of Catan (too bad it got discontinued)

  184. still love scrabble. :)

  185. Suzanne Kunz says:

    Trivial Pursuit

  186. Samantha Schwarer says:

    Settlers of Catan is hands-down my favourite board game ever. I have been playing it since friends brought a German version back from Canada 15 years ago, and I still love it. So excited that I can now buy it from Exclusives when I want to gift friends!

  187. Lishya says:

    Scrabble :)

  188. Chantal van Eeden says:

    Catan! I have the Seafairers and Barbarian expansions. I’m a boardgame geek and this game is top of my list as no game has ever been the same with the changing odds and layout, different scenarios ensure that it nevers gets boring and best of involves each player every turn. :)

  189. Vaughan Braddon says:

    So many to choose from.

    I’m a Monopoly fan, but no one ever wants to play against me because I always win. ;)

  190. Cheryl Clacher says:


  191. Pieter says:

    Ticket to ride is one of my favorites! The rules are so simple and it is alot of fun to play.

  192. Morgan Barry says:

    Its a toss up between munchkins and Thunderstone

  193. Casey says:

    30 Seconds

  194. Raquel says:


  195. Rumbarani Naidoo says:

    30 SECONDS!

  196. Denver Le Roux says:

    Battlestar Galactica!

  197. Yogana Reddy says:

    Definitely love 30 Seconds!!

  198. Tracy says:


  199. Ruth says:


  200. Melissa says:


  201. Krishni says:

    30 seconds

  202. Inalize says:

    Settlers of Catan and Carcasonne

  203. Altasha says:

    Settlers of Catan

  204. Misty says:

    Cluedo and family-wise 30 seconds .

  205. Lara says:

    monopoly :) i always win ;)

  206. Elbie says:


  207. Rosa Jansen says:

    30 seconds!

  208. Muhammad Shaheen says:


  209. Lil says:

    Keeps brains breezy!

  210. Lil says:

    Scrabble keeps brains breezy!

  211. Steurer says:

    Catan and then Ohne Furcht und Adel (English = Citadels)

  212. M Swanepoel says:

    Catan and Carcassonne

  213. Brecon says:

    i didn’t know half of these games existed :) I’m a classic thriller adventure enthusiast. Remember when i was younger there was a series for groups where you were obliged to dress up. Themed dinner etc. Orient express was our theme But i can’t remember the maker :(

  214. Ruth Juckes says:

    Rat Race. The most hysterical fun ever. Needs to be brought back into print!

  215. Jacques says:

    Mare Nostrum
    The entries to this competition make me sad – it’s clear that most of us are unaware that there is a whole world of board games beyond the likes of Monopoly and Scrabble. Try for some enlightenment. :-)

  216. Krisu says:

    Settlers of Catan

  217. rehana seedat says:

    Scrabble. Have tweeted this giveaway & shared to facebook. Twittername:online61524

  218. wynand says:

    settlers of catan, and dominion

  219. se7en says:

    Oh so very many… favorite must be cranium cadoo with my kids!!!

  220. Hussain says:

    30 Seconds

  221. Kylie Greyling says:

    Settlers all the way! And then 30 seconds :)

  222. Daniel says:

    Small worlds! Awesome fun!

  223. Janine says:

    30 Seconds

  224. John Heynes says:

    My favourite board game is Agricola.

    I have played over fifty games of Settlers of Catan and its still great after all this time.

    I am really happy people are discovering the joys of board gaming!

  225. Lorien Amy says:

    30 seconds. I love the competition between teams.

  226. Stephen Friedman says:

    Setters of Catan is by far my favourite, it got me playing great games like Ticket to Ride, Puerto Rico and Thunderstone

  227. Fathima Khan says:

    Defnitely scrabble. I also played balderdash @ a friends house……..this game is incredible fun

  228. Roanne Naidoo says:


  229. Tharishia Naidoo says:

    I love 30 Seconds ^_^

  230. Salochana Naidoo says:

    Scrabble … Will always be my all-time favourite :)

  231. Cathy Badenhorst says:

    Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble, Cluedo, 30 seconds and Pictionary…..any board game in fact, love them all :)

  232. Daniela Cardoso says:

    Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit, 30 seconds…gotta be the best of them all!

  233. Roslyn Maree says:

    Toss up between Balderdash and 30 Seconds, depending on the company of course!

  234. Nicola Taylor says:

    It’s really difficult to choose. Among my favourites are “Settlers of Catan”, “Trivial Pursuit” and “30 Seconds” but if I have to choose only one, I will have to go back to my fave childhood board game – “Cluedo”! Who can resist a good whodunnit game? Professor Plum with the candlestick in the Conservatory, I say!

  235. Thandi says:

    30 Seconds!!!! :)

  236. Aubrey Muvhango says:


  237. Ruan Venter says:

    My Favorite is 30 Seconds by far!!

  238. Dominique says:

    Yahtzee and 30 Seconds!

  239. Tammy February says:

    Difficult one to decide on, but it would probably be a toss up between Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit and 30 Seconds.

  240. Nicola Landsberg says:

    Cluedo!!! What fun!!!

  241. vicki says:


  242. Melyssa says:

    Pictionary :)

  243. Varsha Naidu says:

    Pictionary and Balderdash are still the faves!

  244. Stefan says:

    I personally prefer Risk. I feel that my German heritage naturally predisposes me to total military conquest of the known world.

  245. Jill Mullen says:

    would have to say Trivial Pursuit :)

  246. Justine Machin says:

    As a child, loved Monopoly…looking at all the new ones…am thinking winter is the perfect time to get back into them!

  247. Denise says:

    Scrabble and 30 Seconds

  248. Zayaan says:

    I love Cranium. Four boardgames in one!

  249. Carla van Tonder says:

    I love Pictionary and 30 Seconds. I would absolutely LOVE to try out the Game of Thrones board game as I’m a HUGE fan of the George RR Martin books and the TV series.

  250. Jannie Theron says:

    My Lord of the Rings RISK is awesome.

    And when in a more chilled mood 30 seconds is great fun

  251. Linnet Crow says:

    Wildlife Heritage, monoppoly and rummikub are all favourites.

  252. Riaan Koster says:

    I love 30 Seconds!

  253. Janice Leibowitz says:

    Definitely 30Seconds!!! The kids love it, and the kids version is as good as the adult one. We have a 30Seconds challenge every year at our annual year-end office party – hysterical beyond words!!!!!

  254. rifqah jamie says:

    I LOVE scrabble… why? Cos I KICK ASS in words…
    mmm kick ass… 16 points haha

  255. Rosal Govender says:


  256. Liza van Biljon says:


  257. Robert T says:

    Loved 30 seconds

  258. sam says:

    30 seconds! :)

  259. Connie Skweyiya says:

    30 seconds is definitely my favourites, my friends and I will always be in hysterics with it!! I’d love to win this for our book club weekend away :-)

  260. Natasha says:

    I’m a scrabble addict <3

  261. Chinese Checkers (loved ALL the compendium games ludo, snakes and ladders, pick up sticks, bingo.. Happy memories )

  262. Bruce Wade says:

    30 Seconds vs.Cranium?
    Cranium wins!

  263. Stacey says:

    It’s all in the C’s :) I ADORE Cranium and Settlers of Catan :)

  264. Janet says:

    Scrabble and 30 Seconds!

  265. Naomi Bruwer says:


    Would love to try the Game of Thrones game!

  266. Richard says:

    30 Seconds

  267. leanne says:

    30 seconds

  268. Marjorie says:

    30 seconds!!!! Makes for hours of laughter with friends and family!

  269. Margaret says:

    Settlers of Catan is great, but I also have a special place in my heart for 30 seconds

  270. Renier says:

    Trivial Pursuit

  271. Vanessa D says:

    I love Scrabble and Monopoly!

  272. Nielen says:

    Monopoly, even though I can never find anyone who wants to play with me. Also 30 seconds.

  273. Hugo says:

    Pictionary and ….That Saambou ripoff of Monopoly…

  274. Jhaharha Lackram says:

    Scrabble for the win!

  275. Rabelani says:

    Snakes and ladders

  276. Chantal Chetty says:

    Tough choice between Cranium and 30 seconds!

  277. Johan says:

    Dominion by Donald X. Vaccarino

  278. Stawbe says:

    My favorite board game atm would be Ticket to Ride!! Loads of fun and I’m pretty good at it :)

  279. Gareth Senekal says:

    30 Seconds definitely a Favourite

  280. Julie says:


  281. Klea says:

    For a family game Cranium, but for an intense nerding out evening with my fellow geeks it would be Arkham Asylum <3

  282. jarrod lane says:

    Risk I love, but difficult to get players. :/ Catan is another fun one.

  283. Mbonyiwe Phiri says:


  284. Ronnelle says:

    30 seconds is absolutely the best. Especially the kids version. Has my kids answering all the ‘brainy’ questions in their class!

  285. Julie says:

    30 Seconds is always fun (especially if you know your team member/s really well). I also really enjoy Balderdash, although I wish it wasn’t so difficult to get hold of here in SA! Maybe Exclus1ves can help…?

  286. G Brown says:

    Must be Monopoly!

  287. Adele says:

    30 Seconds!!

  288. Anja Brand says:

    Silent Movie – a Ster Kinekor Charades board game! :)

  289. claudia says:

    30 seconds

  290. Clara Esther Stassen says:

    Harry Potter Cluedo!! Combines two of the best things ever :)
    Potterhead all the way <7

  291. Michael James says:


  292. Ryan Davis says:


  293. Mariaan says:

    Pictionary and Snakes and Ladders

  294. Francois says:

    Monopoly. And then 30 seconds junior. Because I suck at normal 30 seconds.

  295. Chris van Wyk says:

    Any board game that allows for 2 or more people to sit down and have fun. Though I can recommend games like “A Game of Thrones” and “Battlestar Galactica” for a good thematic experience and “Ticket to Ride” and “Catan” for family fun. “Thunderstone” for card deck building and if you are into conflict look at “Memoir 44″ or “Tide of Iron”. More info on these at

  296. Kacy says:

    Scrabble :)