Competition: Wish us a happy birthday and WIN!

We are turning two this month! We want to share our celebrations with you, and so we will be giving away spot prizes every day of March. Books, games, box sets…its a wonderful, mad March here at!

In order to enter into the draw for daily prizes, all you have to do is send us a birthday message in the comment thread below! One entry per person, per day allowed. Those who have won prizes in the previous thirty days of each prize day may not enter. Winners will be randomly chosen each day and announced every Friday.

Today’s Prize: A magnificent Harry Potter collector’s edition set






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567 Responses to “Competition: Wish us a happy birthday and WIN!”

  1. Kaylene Bernardo says:

    Happy Birthday!! Happy Birthday!! Happy Birthday to you!!!

  2. Shatho Mandevu says:

    Happy, Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! ” one is for the way u look at me, two is for the only one i see”,hahahaha, just a small remix

  3. Amanda Maswanganye says:

    Happy bday exclusives

  4. Jonathan Meyer says:

    Happy birthday EB, you don’t look a day over one! :)

  5. Adele Kendall says:

    Haaaaaaappy birthday… It’s your birthday… Haaaaappy haaaaaappy birthday to you!

  6. melanie pretorius says:

    Happy birthday! Thnx for a great store! Love u guys! May you be blessed with a hundred more birthdays!

  7. Magda says:

    Veels geluk liewe maatjie! :)

  8. Mari' says:

    Dear Exclusive, may you have a wonderful Birthday and i wish you many more. You have certainly made my life whole with all your many books and varieties thereof. I basically have my own Library on Dog Books, anything you can think about and i am still in the process of buying even more, there are so many, thank you for constantly helping me finding just what i need at all times, thank you again and see you soon!

  9. Mellory says:

    Happy birthday, Exclus1ves blog! I wonder what the year of the “terrible twos” will bring! Hehe ;)

  10. Thandi says:

    Happy happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  11. Happy birthday! May you continue to be the best! ;)

  12. Congratulations! Have an exclusively, awesome birthday!

  13. Gina van den Bos says:

    Happy Birthday, Exclus1ves! :D

  14. Happy birthday! May there be many more!!!

  15. Happy birthday Exclusives!!!
    Many more years of providing our country with great books and enriching our nation with knowledge!! :) party hard and also read some books to celebrate!

  16. oscarlets says:

    Happy birthdate exclusive books may your contribution to SAn reading class grow with,cheers to your 2nd bday,i’ll read to that.

  17. Cindy Roets says:

    Happy Birthday, hope its a awesome month.

  18. peggy says:

    With age comes wisdom… Happy Birthday, make it a good one.

  19. Mandimadeit says:

    Happy birthday!!!!

  20. Subashini Inderjeeth says:

    Happy Birthday to you
    happy birthday to you……….

  21. Natasha says:

    hiep hiep happy birthday exclus!ves

  22. Sigrid says:

    Happy birthday!! Let’s make it exponential!

  23. Retha Terblanche says:

    Happy bday exclusive books!!!

  24. Lily Rose says:

    HaPPy HaPPy Birthday Exclus1ves!! :) :)

  25. Linda Reynolds says:

    Wishing Exclusive a Totallyradicallytootla Birthday. All the best and many more years to come.

  26. Priya Harry says:

    Happy birthday :)

  27. Tracey Visser says:

    *singing * Happy Birthday to you;
    this month you are 2.
    Have a great celebration
    This whole great month through! *singing*

  28. Bhavna Matabadal says:

    Happy Birthday!! (“,) Wishing Exclusives many more epic years!

  29. Astrid Julies says:

    A Very Happy Birthday Congtrats!!!

  30. Gayle Botes says:

    Happy bIrthday !!!

  31. Ros says:

    Woo for this month you are Two…Hope you have a bumper year filled with good reads and cracker movies. Happy happy birthday Exclusive Books xxx

  32. Nokuthula Ndlovu says:

    Happy Birthday Exlus1ves…the smartest 2-year old I know ;)

  33. Lesley Appleton says:

    Happy Birthday! There is no such thing as too many books :o )

  34. Lungelo says:

    Well Done on your achievements to date.

    May you grow to achieve even greater

    For those who relish a great read, you provide excellent and exceptional service. I speak from personal experience. :)

  35. andy says:

    Happy b1rthday, here’s to another fantast1c 2 years!

  36. galeboe kefalotse says:

    Happy birthday :)

  37. Gabriel says:

    Happy Birthday!

  38. Zoe says:

    Entries are now open for the collection of 3 biographies!

  39. Astrid Julies says:

    2 Already!!? A very happy birthday Exclusive books.

  40. Colleen says:

    Happy 2nd birthday!

  41. Rifqah Abrahams says:

    Happy Happy Birthday!

  42. Lauren Kruger says:

    A Huge Happy Birthday to Exclusive Books! Have a good one!

  43. Nikita says:

    Happy happy birthday!!!!! :D

  44. Jassika Sheikh says:

    Janam din Mubarakh (Happy birthday). In hindi. Wishing you many more EXCLUSIVE days of happiness.

  45. Victoria Pollet says:

    HAPPY Birthday Exclusive Books!!

  46. Janet Coleshill says:

    Every day is a birthday with Exclusive Books. Happy days

  47. Giulia Simolo says:

    Happy happy birthday! May you have many many more pages in the beautiful story of your existence :) xx

  48. Rozanne says:

    A very big Happy B-day. Keep up the good work :) x

  49. Hemi Ranchod says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Exclusive books!!!

  50. Riedwaan Jabaar says:

    Happy birthday, wishing you many more!

  51. Sheena Overmeyer says:

    Happiest birthday and best wishes!

  52. Happy says:

    happy birthday from Happy the gardener.I follow you on twitter,cant always afford all the books I want to buy and pray the good lords of the law grant you vat exclusion and import duty breaks so us poorer folk can also read more exclusively,and educate our-self.a educated nation is a happy nation.HAPPPEE HAPPEEEE HAPPPPEEE .
    May you have a great year

  53. Ashishta Gokhul says:

    :D WoooooooHoooooooo :D

    <3 Happy birthday Exclusives!!! <3
    Many more years of providing our country with great books and enriching our nation with knowledge!!

  54. Lance Blumenthal says:

    Happy happy birthday bookaliscious!!! Can’t wait to see you later. Oodles of luuurve xx

  55. Zakiya says:

    Happy 2nd birthday Exclusives! Thanks for a great literary experience every time I walk into a coffee scented and warmth-filled store. Voerspoed en geluk! :)

  56. Mzukisi Lento says:

    A birthday is a suitable time for self inspection, to check what have you achieved, have you met the targets, what have you achieved thus far, how old are you? Happy birthday and may God help attain your goals and prolonged life in the industry and without compromising a good service you are giving us.

  57. Zakiya says:


  58. Linda Mnaphi says:

    Happppyyy Birthday Exclusives:) :) :)

  59. Carol Brown says:

    Happy Birthday, may there be many, many more!

  60. Brittany says:

    HApPY bIrThDAY eXCluSIvE.Thanks for the wonderful books!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Gareth says:

    happy birthday.

  62. michelle e barbier-magson says:

    Happy Birthday EB !!!
    FB Twit Blog … It’s all rocking …
    Love my books, get em all at EB …

  63. Debbie Welman says:

    Happy Birthday to YOU and it’s my birthday today too :)

  64. Sian Smith says:

    Happy happy birthday! Here’s to many more years and a huge success!

  65. Janet Coleshill says:

    Every day is like a birthday with (exclusive) books.

  66. Elton says:

    Happy Birthday EB! Keep the good literature coming! From the other EB!

  67. Lily Rose says:

    Wishing you a very happy birthday Exclus1ves!!

  68. Lydia Greeff says:

    Happy birthday Exclusives! It’s my birthday today as well! :)

  69. Nitesh Harry says:

    Happy Birthday to you! You come from the zoo! You look like a monkey! And you read like one, too!

  70. Shatho Mandevu says:

    Happy birthday!!! x 2 for 2 years!!!!

  71. Kathleen Brown says:

    Happy Birthday to you Exclusives :)

  72. Nadia says:

    Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday to Exclusive Boooooooks.. Happy Birthday to you! xoxoxo

  73. Tom Raath says:

    Happy Birthday Exclusives! May it be a splendiferous month of madness…

  74. Donald McCallum says:

    Happy birthday :)

  75. Ilse Smit says:

    Happy happy happy happy happy Birthday!!!

  76. retha says:

    happy bday excl books!

  77. Lynette Naidoo says:

    Happy Birthday Exclusive Books!

  78. annemarie says:

    Happy B-day!!!:-D

  79. Theunis says:

    Happy happy! Thanks for all they great products! You guys rock!

  80. Barbara Kinsky says:

    Wishing you a wonderful birthday filled with lots of books and reading :)

  81. Carol O'Neill-Williams says:

    Happy Birthday Exclusive Books!

  82. Suraya says:

    Happy Birthday Exclusive books, here’s to wishing you many, many long years of success – hopefully you will always continue providing us book worms with endless amounts of variety to choose from!!!! :)

  83. Wiléne van Driel says:

    Happy birthday to my favorite bookstore! You guys kick ass ;)

  84. Jenny says:

    Happy birthday Exclusives!

  85. Tessa Harmse says:

    Happy birthday! :D

  86. Laura Desai says:

    Hey, hey its your Birthday. Happy Birthday EB

  87. Amanda Maswanganye says:

    Hip hip hoooraaaay

  88. Hira says:

    Have a very happy birthday Exclusives! Best month to celebrate in ;) March ‘babies’ – always so special and number 1! Have a good one! :) xx
    P.S. I’m a uni student and can’t really afford to buy the awesome books that I can just so easily win ;) hehe!

  89. Li-Anne Landman says:

    Hi EB, happy birthday!May you supply us with the best books forever more!xxx

  90. Lisa Wynne says:

    Happy birthday Exclusive books!

  91. Charlinda says:

    *singing in breathy Marilyn Monroe voice* happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you… happy birthday Exclusive (Books), happy birthday to you.

  92. Sara says:

    Happy Birthday Exclus1ves – Looking forward to celebrating many more with you!

  93. Sarah says:

    Yoohoo! You are two! Here’s to many, many more!

  94. Jill says:

    Happy Birthday EB

  95. samantha pillay says:


  96. anusha naidoo says:

    happy birthday to my favourite bookstore exclusive books. wishing your stores many years of success and growth. I remain your loyal bookworm for always…..

  97. crazycatlady says:

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!

  98. Gabriel says:

    HaPpY BiRTHDay! Giving away gifts this month, fantastic idea!

  99. Nokuthula Ndlovu says:

    Happ Birthday to the store that just keeps giving!

  100. Sheritha Singh says:

    Happy birthday. All the best for the next year Exclusives.

  101. Yasmin says:

    And here’s to many more birthdays.

  102. Lizelle says:

    Happy Birthday, Exclus1ves!

  103. Mujeeb Lambarey says:

    Happy bday exclusives!

  104. Colin says:

    Happy HaPpY hApPy HAPPY Burrrrrp-daaayyyy, toooOOO YoUoUououou!!! And here’s to many, MANY more birthdays and successful years ahead!

  105. Ilse Smit says:

    Touch… Pause… HAPPY BIRTHDAY EB!!!!!!!!!!!
    Skop hom pale toe elke dag, maar by ons die fans wen julle lag lag die game vir die beste boek winkel ooit!!!

  106. Dear Exclusive Books

    May your scrum never wield, May every penalty you receive be kickable, may the wind always favour you, may you poach your opponent’s lineout, May Bryce Lawrence never officiate and may Shaun Veldsman always award your try after one replay.

    Happy birthday and may you have many more.

  107. Shereen Jacobs says:

    A Happy & Awesome Birthday to Exclusive Books. Congrats on your two years!

  108. Loyiso says:

    Congratulations! Have an exclusively, awesome birthday! And here’s to many more birthdays.

  109. Joel Block says:

    Sending out some #HBD wishes to Exclusives ! You guys get better every year.

  110. Jéan de Witt says:

    Happy BdaY!!!

  111. Natasha Viljoen says:

    Happy birthday to the greatest bookstore south of the Sahara!

  112. Lauren Kruger says:

    Happy Birthday EB!! You make people want to read more!

  113. Chantelle Venter says:

    Happy Birthday EB! May you have many more years of best sellers to offer!

  114. Carol Mendace says:

    Happy happy hapy birthday…….you have bought a lot of joy and fun into my life. What a perfect prize for a wonderful rugby season that is underway……..the perfect birthday gift to EB from all our South African teams.

  115. Gareth Ilsley says:

    happy birthday thanks for all the amazing deals!

  116. Arthur Rushmer says:

    Crouch, Touch, Pause… Celebrate! Happy Birthday to the only bookstore I ever use

  117. Chantal says:

    Just love exclusive books happy birthday nad thanks for all the books .

  118. Sarah says:

    Happy 2nd birthday! Live long and prosper!

  119. Thea Korff says:

    I wish you a great birthday! May you continue to be the best bookseller in South Africa for many years to come!

  120. Phala says:

    Happy birthday on becoming two years old. You are now officially a toddler and was born in the same month as other Great people like myself. Many happy returns.

  121. Naushaad says:

    Happee Birthdae exlcusives!!!!!! – keep on reading

  122. Dorothy says:

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaapy BIrthday Exclusives!!!!!!!!!!!!

  123. Zoe says:

    Entries for the Freakonomics bundle are now open!

  124. Johann Pollard says:

    Happy birthday Exclusives!

  125. Andrea Slater says:

    Your birthday is like my birthday – we all win. Happiness Exclusives. You’re my favourite non-human friend.

  126. Adam Rosendorff says:

    Happy Birthday Exclusives! Thanks for always being the best place to by my books, and for your lovely Fanatics program!

  127. Alison Hop Hing says:

    Happy birthday EB…may you have many, many more!

  128. Nicole Coetzee says:

    Happy Birthday!!!

  129. Casandra Visser says:

    An Exclusive Happy Birthday to you!
    You are now two.
    Happy Birthday Exclusive!
    Please send me a book or two :D

  130. T.Nagdee says:

    Happy Birthday!!!!!! Have a super year!!!!!

  131. Jarrod says:

    Happy birthday to my favourite recreation store. Thanks for every benefit. Hope that u will be around for many mre years to come for future generation 2 enjoy.

  132. Mariaan says:

    Have a Fantastic Happy Birthday!

  133. Cherezaan says:

    Happy Happy Birthday Exlusive Books. I hope you enjoy many many more. I enjoyed being part of your special team when I worked there and I’m still enjoying the service you give us.

    Many hugs (to an invisible website)


  134. Safiya says:

    Happy Birthday Exclus1ves!

  135. Safiya says:

    Happy Birthday Exclus1ves!

  136. Gayle Botes says:

    Happy Birthday !!

  137. Shaz says:

    Happy Birthday Exclusive Books! Thanks for all the wonderful stories!

  138. Hira says:

    Heard it’s your birthday! Have a very happy one Exclusives :) wish you many more to come and all the best for the forthcoming year!
    Love, your #1 fan! ;) xx

  139. Colleen says:

    Happy birthday!

  140. Tasmi says:

    Thanks for the great service and passion – happy birthday!

  141. Debbie says:

    Happy Birthday!!

  142. Margaret says:

    Happy Birthday!

  143. Cindy Roets says:

    Happy 2nd Birthday, hope it ROCKS.

  144. Rayan says:

    Happy Birthday Exclusive Books!!

  145. Gabriel says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What a fantastic selection of books

  146. Nokuthula Ndlovu says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Exclus1ves! You’re still the 1…

  147. Michael says:

    Best wishes for adding another ring to the age tree, may there be many more chapters to come.

  148. Leatitia du Toit says:

    Happy Birthday Exclus1ves! Many returns!

  149. Zoe says:

    The Byleveld competition is now open!

  150. Liza says:

    HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!!

  151. Natasha Viljoen says:

    A very happy birthday to Exclus!ves!

  152. Philippa Caldwell says:

    Happy birthday!!!

  153. ulrike praeg says:

    Happy birthday!!

  154. Happy Birthday Exclusives. May your product catalogue be constantly growing and your conversions be booming.

    Looking forward to many coming years of great reads.

  155. Monica says:

    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday Dear Exclusive Books
    Happy birthday to you

    HIP HIP Hooray

    HIP HIP Hooray

  156. Chrissie Kellett says:

    A very happy birthday Exclusive Books. Wishing you many more!

  157. Tertia Japp-Pearse says:

    Happy birthday!

  158. Martin McCabe says:

    Happy Birthday to our Favorite Bookstore! Whoo!

  159. Stephen says:

    Happy Birthday to you
    Uncle Piet’s (Byleveld) got his eye on you

  160. Thea Korff says:

    Happy Birthday!

    Thank you for providing readers with the best selected books in South Africa!

    Hope there is many years of good bookselling for you!

  161. Shana says:

    A Special Birthday Wish Exclusively For You. And Many
    Many More New Chapters Ahead.

  162. Melanie Pienaar says:

    Happy birthday Exclusive Books!!

  163. Lauren Kruger says:

    Happy Birthday Exclusive Books!

  164. Wendy Dodd says:

    Happy Bithday Exclusive Books! You are only as old as the book you are reading!

  165. Maisaka Ramoloto says:

    Wishing You a Happy Birthday and thank you for all the eBooks, (going green and affordable).

  166. Gayle Botes says:

    Happy birthday to you !!!!!

  167. Lizelle says:

    happy birthday, Exclus1ve!

  168. Zoe says:

    Entries for the music bundle are now open :)

  169. Viana says:

    Happy Birthday Exclusives!

  170. lara says:

    Happy birthday to EXCLUSIVE BOOKS. May there be many more

  171. Nicole Stroebel says:

    Happy happy birthday!!!!! XD

  172. karien says:

    Again – happy happy birthday

  173. Lucille Parkins says:

    HaPpy HaPpy – have a Happy Birthday

  174. Andile says:

    Happy birthday Excllus1ive! It’s been a great 2 years. I look forward to many more.

  175. Frances says:

    A BIG happy birthday to my favorite on-line shopping stop! Hope there will be many more joyful days of on-line shopping to come. xoxox

  176. Dorothy says:

    Happy Birthday Exclusives!!!!!!!!!!! We love books and we love you!!!!!!!!!

  177. Natasha Viljoen says:

    Happy Birthday to the bestest shop ever!

  178. Audrey says:

    Happy birthday to you!

  179. Lauren Kruger says:

    Happy Birthday Exclusive Books, may there be many more years of stimulating our imagination and satisfying our curiosity!

  180. Uhuru Sithole says:

    Happy Bestday to you, Happy Bestday to you, Happy Bestday Exclusive Boooooooks, Happy Bestday to you…Yip-Yip Hooooooooooooorrraaaaaay!!! Keep providing us with those wonderful books for decades.

  181. Kgomotso Moleme says:

    Happy Birthday and wish you many more.

  182. Chantal Morton says:

    Happy Birthday!!

  183. Claudia Cunha says:

    a very happy birthday to you!

  184. Muriel Brent says:

    Haaaaapy Birthday Exclusives. You already feel like a family member.

  185. sarie sitkamer says:

    Happy birthday, Exclusive!

    It was a surprise finding you on fb like this, but it has been a blessing too! I have found out about goodies and sales etc faster than what I did through the mailing of my membership stuff.

    May this new year be a bookish one, filled with happy moments and beautiful stacks of beautiful things.

    Mwah mwah.

  186. Ashleigh says:

    Have a rocking birthday Exclusive books! May many more years roll on in abundance. Lots of love from your Fanatic x

  187. Happiest Birthday Exclusive Books!

  188. Happy B’day guys, hope you have an awesome one :)

  189. Hesma van Tonder says:

    Happy Birthday Exclusives! May you continue to bring us lots and lots of books :-)

  190. Zarina says:

    H*A*P*P*Y B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y!!!!! kisses all around!

  191. Vanessa D says:

    A Happy Birthday to you on my Birthday! Love your shops!!

  192. Ling says:

    Happy Birthday Exclus1ves

  193. Lisa Wynne says:

    Happy Birthday to you!

  194. Lily Rose says:

    a Very Happy Birthday to you Exclus1ves!! :) :)

  195. Thea Korff says:

    Happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Exclusive Books, happy birthday to yooooooou!

  196. Nokuthula Ndlovu says:

    Happy Birthday, Exclus1ves! Are you an Aries or a Taurus?

  197. Bernadette says:

    Happy Birthday Exclus1ves! Hope you have many more to come! It’s my birthday on Friday. Pls Pls can I win: ( I turn 22. I love Abba. Many say I’m a 70′s/80′s kid trapped in a 90′s kid’s

  198. Bronwyn says:

    Happy Birthday Exclus1ves! Hope you have many more to come! It’s my birthday on Friday. Pls Pls can I win: ( I turn 22. I love Abba. Many say I’m a 70′s/80′s kid trapped in a 90′s kid’s

  199. Ashley says:

    Happy Birthday Exclus1ves! Hope you have many more to come! It’s my girlfriend Bronwyn’s birthday on Friday. Please choose here. She’d be so excited! And she loves reading and Abba.

  200. Farzannah Saib says:

    Happy Birthday to you (and me)! Happy Birthday to you (and me)! Happy Birthday to EB (and me)! Happy Birthday to you (and me)!

  201. Happy birthday for a store that rocks my world!

  202. michere says:

    Happy, happy, happy birthday!

  203. Con Cornelissen says:

    Happy Birthday Exclus1ves! Here’s to the many, many more! :)

  204. Vimla Frank says:

    Happy. happy B’day! Hope EB celebrates a million more!

  205. Raquel says:


  206. Ashishta Gokhul says:

    :D WoooooooHoooooooo  :D

    <3 Happy birthday Exclusives!!! <3
    Many more years of providing our country with great books and enriching our nation with knowledge!!

  207. moniq says:

    It’s been two wonderful years together, I wish us many more. Happy Birthday Exclus1ves.

  208. Jassika Sheikh says:

    Happy Happy birthday. Many more Exclusive days of success.

  209. Chantell says:

    Happy Birthday Exclus1ves :)

  210. Lesego Rantsho says:

    hip hip hooray…..happy birthday to the coolest bookstore in south africa, thank you for having the best service and great books….A toast to many more years…cheers

  211. Wayne says:

    Happy Birthday Exclusive Books!

  212. Kirsti says:

    Happy birthday Exclusives!

  213. Lisa says:

    Happy Birthday – may you have many more!

  214. Tatjanochka says:

    Haaaaaaapy Birthday to you Exclusives!

  215. Maxie says:

    Happy Birthday Exclusives. You have blessed me so much with the variety in your stores and I cant wait for more better years with you. Many more returns

  216. Helette says:

    Happy Birthday to you, Exclusive Books!!!!!!! :-)

  217. Renay Smith says:

    Hope you guys have a magical year! Thank you for making my birthdays magical and every other week amazing with the products you provide.

  218. Taniko says:

    Happy birthday to a Wonderful franchise ensuring our literary future !

  219. Candice Jones says:

    Imini emnandi kuwe!

  220. Liz Pillay says:

    Heard somebody is turning 2….Happy birthday to you.
    May you be blessed with many more years of providing a nation with wisdom, knowledge and fulling many hearts with hope and love. Have an awesome month Exclusive Books.

  221. Thea Korff says:

    Happy birthday Exclus1ve Books! I hope you have many great years of awesome bookselling to come! May you have a prosperous year!

  222. Samantha Isaacs says:

    Happy Birthday Exclusive Books

  223. Amy says:

    Happy Birthday Exclusive Books, hope you see many more to come

  224. rehana seedat says:

    Happy Birthday Exclusive Books!

  225. Unisda Ho says:

    On your second birthday, may it be the terrific twos rather than the terrible twos. Happiest of Birthdays to you and the team that make it happen.

  226. Renee Rahaman says:

    Happy Birthday Exclusive Books :o )

  227. Nokuthula Ndlovu says:

    Ooh, this has to be one of the best prizes so far. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, you thoughtful people :)

  228. julie govender says:

    Thank u for coming into my life and sharing your knowledge with me I wish a happy happy birthday filled with love and joy. May u have many happy years to come

  229. Christine Phillips says:

    “You cannot open a book without learning something. ”
    Confucius – Thank-you for being the best teacher I’ve had :) Happy 2nd Birthday Exclus1ves…

  230. Lauren says:

    Happy birthday Exclus1ves! Here’s to many more.

  231. Larissa says:


    party time :)

  232. Julia Perry says:

    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you …..
    Happy Birthday Dear Exclusive Books,
    Happy Birthday to yooouuuu

    Love your books, hooooray
    Read your books, hooooray
    Buy more books, hooooraaaay

    Happy Birthday to you.

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday indeed xx

  233. Tiisetso Moretsi says:

    Happy Birthday Exclusive Books, Happy 2 years and may your empire grow and flourish beyond two years!!!

  234. Busisiwe says:

    To another year of fantastic books, Happy Birthday Exclusive

  235. MandyMoo says:

    Happy Happy Birthday!!!! :D

  236. Chantelle Venter says:

    Happy bday EB!

  237. AJ Nel says:

    On your birthday I wish you much pleasure and joy;
    I hope all of your wishes come true.
    May each hour and minute be filled with delight,
    And your birthday be perfect for you!

  238. natalie carolus says:

    Happy Happy Birthday… May there be many more wonderful and succesful years.

  239. Sylvia says:

    H-a-P-p-Y B-i-R-t-H-d-A-Y EB!!! May you never run out of books and the bookworms that follow!!! May there be many more!

  240. Donna says:

    A very HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY Exclusive Books blog!

  241. Zoe says:

    Entries for the design hamper are now open!

  242. rachelle says:

    Happy, happy and again happy birthday to the BEST book site / stores in the world…..keep feeding my library with all the best reading material!! Love it madly!

  243. Stefan says:

    Congratulations on a very successful two years! I’m sure there will be plenty more in the future.
    Happy Birthday! \o/

  244. Hannelie says:

    Happy birthday!

  245. cleo says:

    hhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapppppppppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy bbbiiiiiirttthhhdddddddddddaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy!!
    Fancy huh?!?!


  246. anita says:

    Happy birthday – happy reading x

  247. Lily Rose says:

    Wishing you a very, very HaPpY BiRtHdAy Exclus1ves!

  248. Justin says:

    happy clappy happy clappy happy happy birthday!

  249. Laura says:

    Happy birthday!

    Congrats, and here’s to many more happy years!

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    Veels geluk, liewe maatjie omdat jy verjaar …

    Joyeux anniversaire!

    Честит рожден ден!

    Hartelijk gefeliciteerd!

    Exclusive Books is not only a store, it’s an event. Happy Birthday!

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    Happy birthday to my favourite online store! Exclusives online was the first online store I used. Being an avid book reader this was a dream come true. I have spent countless hours perusing books, gaming and cds on offer. The free delivery and the fact that prices are generally cheaper than the book store is winning!

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    Happy just does not do it justice. What about Splendid Birthday to you? Glorious Birthday to you? I personally prefer (a) Magnificent Birthday to Exclusive Books! You rock…

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    Wishing you yet another fruitful year..
    Keep on reeling in the bookworms..

    What a rewarding sentiment for all the seekeers of knowledge..
    Love it!! If I’m not reading them, I’m buying them!
    When I’m not buying them, I’m writing!!

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    “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.”

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    “Anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know how to read a book.” – anon. thank you for providing us with the resources to explore many lifetimes in one! the revolution will not be televised because it will never be able to capture it as anecdotes and imagination (through books) can! HAPPY B(EARTH)DAY EXCLUSIVE BOOKS!!!!! YOU ROCK BETTER THAN SAPPHIRE (^^,)! W0O0O0O0O0O0O0O0O0OHO0O0O0O0O0O0O0O!

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    HaPpY BirThDaY Exclusive Books!
    It’s been two “fanatical” years of books,books,books – here’s wishing you all the best for the future! May you be with us for years to come.

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    This rainy weather is begging for a good book in bed…

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    Nog ‘n HIP

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    Go mad like a hatter :)

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    Happy Birthday Exclus1ives! Thanks for providing us the opportunity to grow our imaginations, teach our children to have an imagination and educate ourselves and others. My girlfriends birthday is tomorrow. Sadly, I’m working so she’ll be all alone. She loves reading. Pls pick here as a winner : )

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    Thank you for the books,
    Thank you for the music,
    Thank you for the good times :)

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    In a magical world of wizards and spells,
    Harry Potter is the one to save the day,
    Happy Birthday Exclusive let me win as my baby Hajra is Harry’s biggest fan.
    She turns 16 soon help me make her birthday as Exclusive as yours!

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    Happy Birthday Exclusive Books!! May the year ahead be filled with wonderful tales, amazing adventures & the creation of the best part of history!
    “We shouldn’t teach great books, we should teach a love of reading.”
    ~ BF Skinner

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    So take a look
    Open that book
    Read it everday
    EB, Happy Birthday.

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    Happiest of birthday months to everyone at Exclus1ve.

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    from the town at the most southerly tip of Africa (Struisbaai) xox

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    I heard it’s your birthday. This I refuse to believe. Exclusive Books has existed since before time and will exist when time becomes meaningless. In the present it is an all-encompassing force of good reads and happy times. Something I wish upon you when you contemplate the meaning of life in the time-less quantum foam that is our existence.

    *cough* happy birthday *cough*

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  421. Happy Birthday!!!!
    Welcome to the terrible twos!!!!!(“( ö,)”)

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    Happy Birthday!

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    Happy birthday Exclusives. May you grow to be in every country so that others can experience this great love that you have for us

  424. Happy Birthday! U guys are the best!

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    Happy birthday Exclusives! Many a happy hour has been spent in your stores and with your books

  426. Dear Exclusive books My Competition for Dr Suess 19 April 2012 to win 1500.00 voucher.
    A tribute to Dr. Theodor Geisel Date 1904 – 1991
    Dr Suess stories are whimsical,comical,cheerful and imaginative.
    Theodor Suess Geisel was a star by far. He wrote about characters that sometimes did not exist and every story had a twist. Dr Seuss was a poet and he didnt even know it!
    For many years he has made reading so much fun for me and you and this is absolutely true…. As a child my mother would read Green Eggs and Ham while making a stew. Now at 52 I do recall every word off by heart, and even recited them in the bath. From 1957, Dr. Suess was a hit and children everywhere started to read with great delight.They would even recite the most famous story of The Cat in the Hat bit by bit. So lets raise our hats and thinking caps to Ted. Who created and scribbled doodles everynight before putting out the light. Every drawing and doodle he did he brought to life a character or two! Dr Suess was also an artist of note and his drawings were featured in every book he wrote. So in honour of this extraordinary man I think we should all stand up and salute and say Thank you Dr Suess for everythink!
    From Debbie Brenner 30/03/2012

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    Happy happy birthday EB!!

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    Happy Happy Birthday Exclusives :) xxx

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    Happy birthday to you
    Marmelade im Schuh (jam in the shoe)
    Aprikose in der Hose (apricot in the pants)
    Und ein Apfel dazu (and apple as well)

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    Happy Happy Birth-Month, Exclusive! Have a fantastic time, with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book! :)

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    Happy birthday! Took me a while to figure out that 2 was the age of the website(?), as the store’s been around for much longer…anyway, here’s to many, many more years of sharing books and happiness!

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    Haaaaapy birthday to you. Wishing many, many more years of excellence and success!

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    Happy Birthday

    thanks for the awesome books.
    My fondest memories are off waiting in line with my brothers at midnight to get the latest Harry Potter release…

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    “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Exclusivesssssss, Happy Birthday to you!!!!!” :-) ***

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    Happy Birthday Exclusive Books :-)

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    Happy birthday Exclusive Books! May you be filled with Firewhiskey and gifts from Weezley Wizzard Wheezes! We wish you only the best Berty Botts Every Flavoured beans and hope your magical ways are never found out by the Department of Magical Law Enforcement’s Misuse of Muggle Artifacts! Thanks for all the adventures!

  450. Happy 2nd Birthday!!! May this store be around for future generations to come, providing them with beautiful books from both the past, present and future!

  451. Bernice says:

    Here’s wishing you a Happy Hogworts Birthday Exclusive Books! May the Mystery and Magic linger on forever!

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    Happy birthday to yooooooou, you belong to the zoooooo…

    Wait, no… Just happy birthday, may there still be many, many years ahead!

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    Happy Happy birthday Exclusive books – the coolest book store in the world! May you have many many more book shelves filled with enticing reads and continue blessing the public with the gift of great literature :)

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    I wish you a very happy birthday!! May it be filled with magic and wonders! May you live long and prosper ;)

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    HBD to you,may you continue your awesome,so we can cuddle to more books.

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    Happy Birthday EB!
    Keep up the awesomeness!

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    Happy birthday to you
    Marmelade im schuh
    Aprikose in der Hose
    Und ein Apfel dazu …

    Hip hip….hurra
    Manyyyyyy haaaapppy returns

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    (Sings) Happy happy birthday, from all of us to you. We wish it was our birthday, so we could party too!

    Wishing you the most magical 2 days of your month- long birthday!

    Much warmth

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    Happy birthday, Exclusives! May your bookshelves always be full and may you never cease to brighten the lives of those who use your doors as a gateway to literature. May Harry, Ron and Hermione always be there to have your back, may Luna never stop entertaining you and may the best that Honeyduke’s has to offer find its way to keep you smiling.Watch out for the Nargles.

  465. Raihanah Ebrahim says:

    Happy Birthday Exclusive!
    And a very Happy Birthday to Robbie Coltrane (aka Rubeus Hagrid) of Harry Potter who turns 62 today.
    Hip Hip Hooray!

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    Always remember > Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus (never tickle a sleeping dragon)

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    Let the Phoenix’s song guide you on, the birthday cakes be better than Hagrid’s rock buns and no greater challenges than a Flobberworm in front of you.

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    Tales of joy,
    And action for every boy.

    Romance for each girl,
    Even horror to make us swirl.

    Classics and Sports are here too,
    With covers from pink to blue.

    No book is allusive,
    Happy Birthday Exclusive!!

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    Happy birthday Exclusive Books, may every day be more magical than the last because magic does exist…all you have to do is open up a Harry Potter book!

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    Love ,yours truly,

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