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Jack Parow releases new album: Eksie Ou

Jack Parow Eksie Ou

One dark night, an aspiring Afrikaans superster rapper was chilling at home with one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies running in the background. “Screw Jack Sparrow”, he thought to himself mindfully before uttering the words “I am Jack Parow, pirate of the caravan park.”

Jack Parow, best known for his single “Cooler as Ekke” recently released his second album titled Eksie Ou. A commendable feature of the new album is the collaborations Parow had with a handful of well-known South African artists with the likes of P.H.Fat, David Kramer and Francois van Coke. His new album explores the same avenues of the pop-like hip-hop tracks of his first album. While some songs off the album have a dance-beat factor, others delve into more serious themes like the perception of Afrikaans as a dying language and its recent impulsive popularity in ‘cool-culture’.

28 year old Zan der Tyler was born in Parow, a suburb located in the northern parts of Cape Town. Tyler, now known as Jack Parow, had been rapping with crews from the Cape Flats for nine years before recent commercial success. Parow enjoyed small fame when he released his EP in 2009 on a flash disk in the shape of an ice-cream. The EP featured 10 songs and 6 music videos and was reproduced on a limited number of 600 USB flash disks. In 2010 he released his first album titled “Jack Parow” and really shot to fame when he started collaborating and performing with the rap-rave wonder Die Antwoord. Parow featured on Die Antwoord’s $O$ album in 2009 on the tracks “Wat Pomp” and “Doos Dronk”.

The release of Parow’s second album is a fresh new entry in the South African music scene. If you’re looking for some boeremusiek, sokkie-inspired, Afrikaans hip-hop-dance tracks, Parow is just what you have been waiting for.

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  1. Tom April 1st, 2012 at 9:54 pm #

    Check out this awesome website Jack Parow is on. It is called “People Brushing Their Teeth in Places Other than the Sink” , it is like a “Planking” or something like that. Jack Parow has recently submitted his picture and it is hilarious, check it out. I thought you might like it to post on your site too, because it is awesome.

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