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Letter to Harry Potter Fans

To Our Valued Customers

We wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to all the Harry Potter fans who attended our Midnight Parties this weekend, and put in so much effort to ensure a wonderful atmosphere on the night. The witches, wizards and magical creatures who turned up by the thousands truly showed their commitment and loyalty to both Exclusive Books and the world of Harry Potter.

To those who were disappointed by our events, we understand your disappointment and unreservedly apologise. We made a mistake by setting the wrong expectations, and were caught unawares by the sheer number of loyal fans. The events were advertised as parties, but not all the activities we planned reached everyone who attended. For many, this made the evening seem more about book sales than about creating an experience to remember.

Our intention was to give fans a space to celebrate this new Harry Potter story, appearing after an almost ten year wait, and to make the book available as soon as possible after the global launch, to everyone who wanted it. Unfortunately, while we met our commitment on the latter point, on the former we realise that we came up short.

We sincerely appreciate the comments we’ve received, as without your feedback we would not be able to improve our planning. Rest assured we have learned lessons that we will incorporate into our future events.

Thank you once again for your imagination and passion.

Yours sincerely
Benjamin Trisk
CEO, Exclusive Books

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