Meet Exclus1ves Stickers: How it Works, FAQ and Ts & Cs

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Welcome to Stickers from!

Stickers is a fun new way for our customers to find and share their favourite products, earn discounts through their activity, and team up with friends to trigger terrific deals on millions of our books, ebooks, games, DVDs and music.

>>> We call it “DIY Discounting” :) <<<

Watch our video showing how it works:

The rules are simple: get stuck in Exclus1ves Stickers today!

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Meet the Stickers


    The following Stickers appear on products and in your Sticker Palette, where you can drag and drop them to tag the items you like:
The Smiley Sticker
The Social Stickers Social Sticker FacebookSocial Sticker TwitterSocial Sticker Email
The Personal Discount Stickers Personal Discount 10%Personal Discount 20%Personal Discount 25%
The Group Discount Stickers Group Discount 15 lg%Group Discount 25%
The Rating Stickers Star Rating 5Star Rating 4Star Rating 3Star Rating 2Star Rating 1
The Special Stickers Special Staff Choice StickerSpecial No Entry Sticker

How Exclus1ves Stickers Works


    It’s as Easy as One, Two, Three:
    1. By earning Smileys , you get Personal Discount Stickers , which you can drag on to the products of your choice for instant savings.




  • You can trigger 24-hour Group Discount sales by teaming up with your friends and tagging products with your Smileys.



* * *

Earning Smileys


    How many Smileys do you get for rating and sharing products?
Action Fanatics Member Non-member
Visit Earn 2 x (once every 24 hours) Earn 2 x (once every 24 hours)
Share a product on Facebook or Twitter Earn 5 x Earn 3 x
Rate a product 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 stars Earn 3 x Earn 2 x
Email a product to your friends Earn 3 x Earn 2 x
* * *

Earning Discount Stickers


    How many Smileys do you have to earn before you get Personal Discount Stickers?
Customer Milestone Reward
Earn 150 Smileys Receive (1 x 10%) Discount Sticker
Earn 300 Smileys Receive (1 x 20%) Discount Sticker
Earn 450 Smileys Receive (1 x 10%) and (1 x 20%) Discount Stickers
Earn 600 Smileys Receive (2 x 10%) and (1 x 20%) Discount Stickers
Earn 750 Smileys Receive (1 x 10%) and (1 x 25%) Discount Stickers
Earn 900 Smileys Receive (2 x 25%) Discount Stickers
  • Customers who earn more than 900 Smileys enter an earning cycle that repeats every 150 Smileys, starting at the 450 Smiley level.
  • For example: earn 1050 Smileys and receive 1 x 10% and 1 x 20% Discount Stickers; earn 1200 Smileys and receive 2 x 10% and 1 x 20% Discount Stickers, and so on.
* * *

Spending Smileys and Triggering Group Discounts


    How many Smileys does it take to trigger a 24-hour Group Discount sale?
Group Discount Milestone Reward No. of participants required
Product tagged with 100 Smileys
(and every multiple of 100 thereafter)
15% Group Discount for 24 hours 10
Product tagged with 250 Smileys
(and every multiple of 250 thereafter)
25% Group Discount for 24 hours 25
  • You trigger discounts faster by working as a group.
    • You only need 10 friends to spend 10 Smileys each to trigger a 15% discount on a product.
    • 25 people working together can trigger a 25% discount on a product.
  • You can spend a maximum of ten (10) Smiley Stickers per product.
  • Group Discount sales are good for all customers and expire after 24 hours.

Stickers Tribes

Stickers Tribes is a special programme for large groups, such as members of loyalty programmes or corporate incentive schemes. If you are a member of a Tribe, you will receive special Stickers on a regular basis related to your Tribe. The following terms and conditions apply to Stickers Tribes.

  • Each Tribe Member must register as a member of the website.
  • If you qualify as a member of a specific Tribe, you must link or activate your Tribe profiles to your profile before you can receive Tribe rewards.
  • If you no longer qualify as a member of a specific Tribe, that Tribe will be removed from your Tribe list on, and you will no longer qualify for future rewards. Your accumulated/unused Tribe rewards will be lost.
  • An member can belong to more than one Tribe.
  • Tribe reward types and reward allocation frequency may vary at the discretion of both and any other company or group associated with the Tribe.
  • All Tribe rewards expire at the end of the calendar year, eg, midnight of the 31st December. Unused Tribe rewards will be lost at this point.
  • Tribe rewards are not transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • Tribe Discount Stickers are only valid online at and not at any of the Exclusive Books retail stores.
  • The standard Sticker T&Cs represented on this page, plus general T&Cs and Fanatics T&Cs apply.
  • Direct any Tribes queries to
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I need to contact with a question, comment or complaint about Stickers.
        Write to:

  • What do the Special Stickers stand for?
      This is our Staff Choice Sticker: it’s reserved for products we especially recommend!

      The Lock Sticker indicates a product that is not currently part of the Stickers promotion: you can rate and share it, but you won’t earn Smileys for these actions, and you can’t tag the product with Smileys.
  • How long are Personal Discount Stickers valid for?
      One year from when you first earn them.
  • How many times can I rate and share a product?
      You can rate a product once. You can share a product on Facebook and Twitter once per day. You can email a product to a friend once per day.
  • How many Smileys can I earn per day?
      You can only earn a maximum of 30 Smileys per day. You can continue to rate and share products, but you will not earn Smileys for these actions if you have reached your limit.
  • How many Smileys can I spend per day?
      You can spend unlimited Smileys per day, but you can only tag each product with a maximum of 10 Smileys.
  • I added a Group Discount sale product to my bag but didn’t buy it within 24 hours. Do I still get the discount?
      No: you need to purchase the product before the 24 hours expires to benefit from the Group Discount.
  • Can I add a Personal Discount Sticker to a product that’s already discounted or on promotion?
      No: one discount at a time please!
  • Can my friends and I trigger Group Discounts on a products that are already discounted or on promotion?
      Again, no: one discount at a time please!
  • Are all products part of the Stickers promotion?
        No: some products are “locked out” of Stickers. You’ll know them because they’re tagged with the Lock Sticker:

  • Where can I see how many Smileys and Discount Stickers I’ve earned and spent?
        You will eventually be able to see your Sticker history in your

    My Exclusives profile

      . For now, track your Smileys and Personal Discount Stickers via your Sticker Palette.
  • Does Stickers work in Exclusive Books stores?
      No: Stickers is an online promotion only.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Terms and Conditions

  • reserves the right to update and amend the Exclus1ves Stickers rules, including Smileys earning and spending rates rules, and other aspects of the platform, without prior notice.
  • reserves the right to terminate the account of any user who is found to be abusing the Stickers programme.
  • Stickers operates within our website’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, which users agree to when they register and login.
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  2. Hildi says:

    are the amount of smileys earned independent from the amount of smileys spent?

    i.e if I have 280 smileys, would I have to not spend them and earn 20 more to get to 300 earned? or can I spend some and still end up with 300 earned, even though I have just spent some? does spending and earning work independently?

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