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Review of Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick by Joe Schreiber

Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick is one of the best young adult books around. It’s a mix of espionage, action, peer pressure and swear words. Look, I know, I know: how can you compliment a book that has foul language? But sometimes authors need it to make a book or situations more authentic. Sometimes for me the words are the atmosphere of a novel and if you have the right atmosphere your story thrives; likewise with planets the right atmosphere equals life.

Perry is trying to get into a prestigious university and become a lawyer like his father. But in comes Gobi, a repulsive Eastern European exchange student, who by the way is staying at Perry’s house (much to his satisfaction. Not!). She has other plans for the prom which involve beating up bullies, racing around New York City in his dad’s Jaguar (his dad loves that Jaguar so much he makes it look like Sméagol had only a simple crush on the ring), shooting it up and literally painting the town red with blood.

I was never bored at any turn of the page; a definite must read for those who enjoy action, sight seeing and not afraid of a few offensive words. It left me with a need for more and I’m glad the sequel is on the way because the friendship that evolves between Gobi and Perry was interesting to read and it’ll be interesting to see where it takes them.

Review by Lungelo Dlamini, Exclusive Books La Lucia

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