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Review of Department 19: The Rising by Will Hill

Dracula has risen and the agents of Department 19 are in danger of being hunted by the very forces they swore to protect humanity from.

A countdown has begun and once zero hour hits Dracula will be at full power and once his pinnacle is reached he will be an unstoppable force. Already vampire activity has increased as word gets around that the original vamp has risen.

Feared and worshiped by all vampires, Dracula is your classic villain. He cares little or nought for those in his inner circle: he has no friends or loyalties, just different means to an end (which is usually a grisly one.)

A definite must read for those who enjoy a dash of the classics, a sprinkle of romance and an almost overdose level of action.

Read it.

Review by Lungelo Dlamini, Exclusive Books La Lucia

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