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"Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple."

~ Dr. Suess

"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by."

~ Douglas Adams

"Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass."

~ Anton Chekhov

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Dalai Lama Cancels Tutu Birthday Visit Over Visa Problem

The furore continues to rage over the Dalai Lama’s non-visit to South Africa; here’s the latest on the “Dalai Drama”: Anti-apartheid leader Desmond Tutu had invited the Tibetan spiritual leader, a fellow Nobel Peace Prize winner, to give an inaugural peace lecture as part of celebrations for Tutu’s 80th birthday on Friday. Complete article: Times […]

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An Interview with Cassandra Clare

Cassandra Clare is a writer from Brooklyn, New York.  Her first book, an urban fantasy novel for young adults centering on the adventures of the demon-fighting Nephilim (also called Shadowhunters), ‘City of Bones’, was published in 2007 by Simon and Schuster. It has since been followed by ‘City of Ashes’ and ‘City of Glass’. EB:  […]

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The Malema Dilemma

Attend the show and read the book. Forde, the author of An Inconvenient Youth: Julius Malema and the ‘New’ ANC, will be in conversation with Ronnie Kasrils, winner of the 2011 Sunday Times Alan Paton Award for The Unlikely Secret Agent. Tickets cost R50 per person, a complimentary glass of wine and a cheese and […]

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An Interview with Ronnie Apteker

Ronnie Apteker is a successful businessman, a writer, and many many other things as well. Exclus1ves’ Julie Wood recently conducted an email interview with him, to find out a little more about the man behind Funny Business: The Secrets of an Accidental Entrepreneur. EB: Would you mind just telling our readers a little about yourself, […]

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An Interview with Julie Anne Edwards

Rhodesian-born Julie Anne Edwards, founder of the Hoyoko Wildlife Trust, has been actively involved in the conservation of wildlife for the past 25 years. Her book Hoyoko tells the story of how in 1987 she and a colleague set off riding bicycles across Africa, from Glasgow, Scotland to Zimbabwe. This was to help save the […]

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An Interview with Musa Queen Njoko

Exclus1ves’ Graeme Shackleford recently interviewed Musa ‘Queen’ Njoko, the dynamic TB & HIV activist and consultant, inspirational speaker, gospel singer and entrepreneur. Musa’s third album, Xpressions, was released earlier this year. 1. For our readers who aren’t familiar with you, can you please describe who you are in 20 words? I’m passionate about life – […]

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An Interview with Roger Smith

Roger Smith was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, and now lives in Cape Town. Before turning to a life of crime, he was a screenwriter, producer and director. His debut thriller, Mixed Blood, was published in the U.S. and Germany in 2009. It won the Deutschen Krimi Preis 2010 in Germany and has been nominated […]

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An Interview with Lewis Gordon Pugh

Lewis Pugh is a very busy man. He has recently added “author” to his impressive list of achievements, with Achieving the Impossible having just been released. Exclus1ves’ Julie Wood caught up with him during his whirlwind book tour, and found out a little more about this interesting man. EB: Could you tell me a little […]

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A JACKast Interview with Lauren Beukes

Brendan Jack, “TV & film writer, producer, performer, voice-over artist, director, nichmarketer, podcast host, courier to the stars, and occasional human,” recently spoke to local author Lauren Beukes, and has kindly shared the podcast with us. Listen to the podcast HERE. Lauren Beukes is a writer, TV scriptwriter and recovering journalist (although she occasionally falls […]

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