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Upcon 2012: Calling All Geeks!

Every year for a weekend in April, The University of Pretoria (TUKS) plays host to the Upcon Gaming Convention. Geeks and Gamers of all kinds converge on the University’s conference centre in order to take part in the fun and mild insanity that is Upcon.

The convention has been growing each year and incorporating more and more events to cater to as many interests as possible. The theme this year is “Classic Horror”, and those not participating in any of the specific cosplay competitions are encouraged to dress according to the theme!

As I am a long time fan and supporter of Upcon, I will be there on the day not only to take part in all of the great events lined up but also to interview some of the regular Geeks who make Upcon what it is (keep an eye out for my follow up blog, there will be many photos and maybe even a video or two!). I will also be delivering some amazing hampers donated by as prizes for some of the competitions.

Here are all the details of the different activities and stalls planned for the weekend:

Date: 14-15 April
Time: Doors open 09:00 and closes at 17:00 every day
Location: University Of Pretoria, UP Conference Centre
Entrance Fee: R25 for the weekend

Upcon goodies:
Mugs: R50 (not only does this get you a limited edition Upcon mug, it also entitles you to free coffee all weekend! Stock is limited though so make sure you get yours early.)
T-shirts: R90


Anime screening
09:00 – 16:00 every day

*Costume/cosplay competition
Run by A.I. Fest ( and Legion Ink (!

*Geek auction
Your chance to either be bidden for or make a bid! Geeks can offer themselves up for auction and the winner of their auction must then take them out on a date. Entrance as an auction “item” is free, but if you wish to take place in the bidding you pay a R50 entrance fee (you will also be liable to pay the amount you bid). The Geek Auction is in the spirit of fun and takes place in order to raise funds for the GGC (Great Geek Collective) towards making next year’s Upcon even better!

Tickets to the auction will be sold throughout the day on Saturday. The event starts at 17:00.

Various modules
Registration for modules: 09:00 – 10:00 and 12:30 – 13:30

*LARP (Live Action Role-Playing):

AMX (Animé Worx)
Blak Bunni
Blox Universe
Extreme Wargaming
Outer Limits
Medieval Adventures (Mead)
Plushie Heaven
SIN BIN: Graphic and Fashion Design
Tales of Teana
The Underground

*Trading Card Games
Magic the Gathering:

*L5R Kotei:

*Vampire: the Eternal Struggle

(for all Wargaming email:

*Warhammer: .
For list of players and details on tournaments see the
tournament announcements section of


You don’t need to be a geek to attend Upcon: if you have an interest in gaming, roleplaying, anime, LARPing, or even just want a fun way to spend your weekend and broaden your horizons then make sure you are there. Hopefully we see many new faces this year!

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