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Your Stickers Questions Answered (Plus: Stickers Stats!)


We’ve had a terrific response since launching Exclus1ves Stickers last week – thanks to everyone who’s sent in feedback so far!

If you’re not familiar with Stickers yet, watch our short demonstration video:


Since the launch last Thursday 21 June, we’ve seen phenomenal levels of activity on our site. Here are some key stats:

  • 104 159 total Smileys earned by our users
  • 4 145 new star ratings on products
  • 1 256 Personal Discount Stickers earned
  • 300 new shares via social media
  • 21 Group Discounts unlocked

We’ve also received a number of questions, which were neatly summed up in an email that arrived yesterday from Ahmed, who’s really got stuck into Stickers. Here are the three most common Stickers questions so far, as posed to us by Ahmed, and our answers:

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1. Are Smileys a virtual currency? For example, if I have a certain number of Smileys, I should qualify for certain Personal Discount Stickers – I get that. But how does the “Group Discount” thing work? Do I need to “spend” Smileys?

Correct! You can tag any product with a maximum of 10 Smileys. If others also tag that product with Smileys, it will eventually reach a bigger discount faster than any individual can earn.

2. Lets say I get to 300 smileys and qualify for a 20% Personal Discount Sticker. What would happen if I then dragged 10 Smileys on to a product to try and unlock a Group Discount? Do I lose 10 Smileys and thereby my 20% Personal Discount Sticker?

Not quite :). If you earn 300 Smileys, you receive a 20% Personal Discount Sticker. If you then use some of the Smileys to tag a product, you lose those Smileys, but you keep your Personal Discount Sticker. It just takes you a little bit longer to reach the next Personal Discount milestone, which is 450 Smileys.

3. Finally, what are the levels of Smileys required in order to qualify for the various discounts?

In brief, you earn Personal Discount Stickers every multiple of 150. Working in groups, you unlock Group Discounts every multiple of 100 and 250.

The complete earning and spending milestone tables are available at our FAQ:

To get you started:

150 Smileys earned = 1 x 10% Personal Discount Sticker
300 Smileys earned = 1 x 20% Personal Discount Sticker

Product tagged with 100 Smileys = 15% Group Discount for 24 hours (available to all visitors to the site)
Product tagged with 200 Smileys = 15% Group Discount for 24 hours (available to all visitors to the site)
Product tagged with 250 Smileys = 25% Group Discount for 24 hours (available to all visitors to the site)

And so on!

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Please write to us with your further queries and comments:

And don’t forget to visit these key Stickers info links:

Go on, get stuck in!

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