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More Zombie Killing Madness in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record

Put all your doubts aside and prepare for even more zombie killing madness with the latest sequel from Capcom – Dead Rising 2: Off the Record! Get an all new view on what was happening behind the scenes while Chuck Greene was trying desperately to find some Zombrex.

This time we go back to the brilliant sarcasm and sharp wit of Frank West, Wilamette survivor and hero of Dead Rising.

No one could put it better than Quinton Bronkhorst from My Gaming:

It’s not that we don’t like Chuck Greene – he’s a sincere, heartfelt father with some serious nail-bat skills, who will do anything to make sure his little girl is okay.

But Frank West is just awesome.

Nuff said. But make sure you head over to and check out the trailer for the game to see just exactly how much awesome is headed your way!

While you’re there you can pre-order the game too and earn yourself some Fanatics points – sweet deal right?

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