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NoMU Staff Library Initiative in Conjuction with

A few months ago Paul from NoMU approached us with an idea. While speaking to the workers in their factory they noticed how little time they spent reading with their children and they wanted to remedy that. In this the NoMU Staff Library Initiative was born:

We noticed that a tradition of bed-time stories is almost completely absent from the lives of our staff and their children. In fact, spending this sort of quality time, at bed-time, is challengingly out of reach for our staff. We have had to impose on our staff to work long shifts in the last 6 months. This often means our staff maybe not being there as much as any of us would like them to be, especially at bedtime.

We approached EXCLUSIVE BOOKS with an idea to try and do something to help fix this a little. Read on to see what we came up with and maybe you (or even your company) might want to do something similar!

You can read more about the NoMU Staff Initiative here.


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