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Will Snuff Be The Last Book From Terry Pratchett?

The creator of the popular Discworld series, Terry Pratchett, was diagnosed with dementia last year. He has just released his latest book Snuff. Is Snuff the last of the Discworld series? Or will Pratchett fight against dementia for another novel?

The Daily Mail has discussed his health here:

When author Terry Pratchett was diagnosed with dementia, he was shocked to discover doctors could do little to help. For despite the fact that the condition affects more than 700,000 Britons (a million by 2025), research into its causes and treatment has been chronically under-funded.

It is a tragedy considering that Sir Terry Pratchett is one of the most formidable living authors. If Snuff is to be the last of his novels, at least it is a fantastic one.

A.V.Club reviews Snuff.

Snuff finds the streetwise copper-turned-Duke adjusting badly to a workaholic’s nightmare—two weeks’ vacation at his wife’s palatial family estate in the countryside. Vimes knows where he stands when it comes to arresting violent trolls and dwarves, but finds Jane Austen country and its society ladies baffling and full of unseen social pitfalls. Before long, though, the story abandons this angle to put Vimes back in his comfortable bloodhound mode: He ferrets out a crime involving troll-drug smuggling and the murder of a young goblin girl, not to mention a coverup hinting at something much bigger and nastier. Though he’s out of his jurisdiction, Vimes sees himself as the fist of the very long arm of the law, and teams up with his butler Willikins (who’s tougher than he looks, more Batman than Alfred) and the inexperienced local constable to bring justice where it’s needed. He’s almost relieved to have found corruption in the bucolic countryside, since at least he knows how to deal with it.

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